When it comes to adopting a pet, puppies certainly rank at the top! And while it may be your first instinct to choose a younger dog, we urge you to consider another option: a senior dog. These wonderful creatures can be easily overlooked in a shelter, their greying faces staring sadly out of their kennels as people pass them by. But there are so many reasons why they could be perfect for your home. Here are our top 5 favorite reasons why adopting an older dog could be the right move for you and your family. 

You Get More Beauty Sleep

What many people fail to consider when they first adopt a puppy is that they require constant care and attention. Because they lack bladder control, puppies wake up several times throughout the night needing to potty. Additionally, puppies are extremely curious and will get into everything in your home. This is especially true during the teething phase, where their destructiveness kicks in. At such a young age, puppies haven’t learned to communicate with their owners yet, so basic obedience training is something you absolutely must make time for. However, older dogs don’t typically have problems with any of these issues. They can typically sleep all night and in instances where they can’t, an adorable doggie diaper can easily remedy the situation. And most are house-trained and so can understand (or can learn quickly) the rules of the house. 

Adopting An Older Dog Means A Calmer Environment

No one wants to come home from work to a chewed-up house and an extremely high-energy puppy getting into everything. Teaching your puppy boundaries can be challenging, especially when you’re not home. And their constant energy means very little relaxing for you as the pet owner. However, older dogs tend to be calmer and will probably relax and sleep while you’re gone at work. In fact, they make great office companions, due to their lower energy levels  And while they do still require exercise, it’s exponentially less than that of a younger dog. 

Old Dogs Really Can Learn New Tricks

Ever heard of the saying, “old dogs can’t learn new tricks?” The truth is, senior dogs are just as capable of learning new things as their younger counterparts. With consistency and dedication, older dogs can change or learn new habits. And more often than not, they already have a solid grasp of the basic commands. Combined with an ‘eager-to-please’ disposition and the ability to already understand human body language and you’ve got a relatively easy training experience!

You’re Saving A Life

According to the ASPCA, approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year in shelters and sadly. While no-kill shelters are on the rise each year, they are still unable to keep up with the large influx of animals that arrive on their doorstep. And since getting adopted can be challenging for these older dogs, they are at a much higher risk for euthanasia. So, by adopting that senior dog, know that you are indeed saving a life. And what better way for an older dog to live out their golden years than with a loving family? 

You’re Creating A One-Of-A-Kind Bond With A Rescue Dog

After being rescued from an unhappy situation, dogs are likely to be grateful to their new family. It can lead to an exceptionally strong bond and sense of loyalty that you may not get from raising a puppy. And this bond is something that you won’t find anywhere else. Interested in adopting? You can view a list of adoptable pets in Austin here. You may just find your next best friend!