For many, leash training can be a challenging part of dog ownership. And while some pets learn quickly to stay next to their human, some continue to have the habit of pulling on their lead. Of course, enrolling your pup in basic obedience training is an effective option to mitigate this behavior. But also having the appropriate collar or harness can also help to keep them on track and walking next to your side. So, here are some of our top recommendations for the best collars and harnesses for dogs who pull while on leash. 

Front Clip Harnesses

One of our favorite options for dogs that pull is a front clip harness. While it’s true that traditional designs may encourage your pup to pull even more, a front clip harness is meant to do the exact opposite. The leash is attached to the front of the harness, at the chest. As such, whenever they attempt to pull, the harness will simply force them to turn around and face you instead. This creates an excellent opportunity to 1) discourage pulling and 2) for your dog to refocus their attention back on you. This clip is great for larger dogs who pull harder and also for short-nosed breeds, so as not to adversely affect any breathing issues. 

A Torso Tightening Harness

This style of harness acts similarly to a tightening collar except that it tightens around the torso instead of the neck. As such, it still acts as a control for pulling while also not cutting off your pet’s oxygen. This option can be used with large or smaller dogs and is also a good choice for those with short-nosed breeds. It’s perhaps most effective with moderate pullers, as opposed to stronger ones. 

Head Collar/Harness

Some owners have found that a head collar/harness is a good option for discouraging pulling. Your dog is far less able to pull with this style, as they can only utilize their neck muscles and not their chest or back. However, owners should never use this collar/harness on a short-nosed breed, as it will impair their breathing. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Collars and Harnesses for Dogs Who Pull

Remember that you will need both training and a proper collar/harness for the best results. Consistency and appropriate use of your lead will hopefully lead to better walks for both you and your pet. And whatever type you use, our professional dog walkers will be sure to keep your pup on track. Reach out today to learn more about our services!