Welcoming a dog into your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, your furry family member can also sometimes be a challenge to have. We’ve gathered some of the best life hacks for dog owners to help make life easier. Check out our list below! 

1. Use Chalk To Keep Ants Away From Outdoor Water Bowls

Interestingly, if you draw a ring of chalk around your pet’s outdoor water bowl, it will keep critters such as ants from climbing into it. This genius life hack prevents ants from being able to leave a scent trail for others to follow. As such, your pet’s water bowl stays critter-free!

2. Use Vaseline In Lieu Of Paw Balm

Want to protect your pup’s paw on their walk, but ran out of their paw balm? Try vaseline instead! It makes an excellent substitute and will protect your dog’s paws from hot or even icy pavement.

3. Make Teeth Brushing Easier

Struggling to brush your pup’s teeth regularly? Try squeezing their toothpaste on their favorite rope? A rubber toy with ridges or nubs is an even better option!

4. Get That Dog Hair Off The Furniture

Frustrated with all the fur that sticks to your upholstery? Wet a rubber glove and rub it over the fabric. The fur will come right off! 

5. Life Hacks For Dog Owners: The Perfect Toy For Destuffing

Does your dog love tearing the stuffing out of their toys? Grab a durable Hol-ee Roller Ball and stuff it with rags or scraps of fabric. Your pup can tear the pieces out all they like and you can just place it back in the ball when they’re done! For an added boost, try putting a small treat at the center and wrap the fabric around it. 

Semi-destructible stuffed toy

Image Credit: Leopold’s Crate

6. Pool Time For Your Pup

The summer activity for the dog that loves water? Their very own kiddie pool! Fill one halfway with water and throw in ice cubes for them to bob. You can also toss in treats such as carrots or frozen peas for a fun reward. 

7. Incorporate Their Crate Into Your Furniture

Don’t like the look of your dog’s crate? If it’s small enough, try placing it under your end table or nightstand. Or try crafting your own table that fits perfect over their crate! Want to take it a step further? Get a custom dog kennel as its own separate piece of furniture for a chic and functional look.

8. Make Your Own Dog Bed

Before you toss out those old sheets or donate that clothing, try and reuse them instead. Stuff them into an old pillowcase and sew it shut for a ready-made dog bed! 

9. Make Your Own Bitter Spray

Trying to keep your pup from chewing on things they shouldn’t? Make your own affordable bitter spray with a 1:2 ratio of apple cider vinegar/lemon juice and white vinegar. 

10. Slow Down Their Feeding

If your pet practically inhales their food, try slowing down their eating by placing a ball in their bowl. Having to work around this will help to pace them as they eat. You can also purchase maze bowls that help to slow down their eating as well. 

Hopefully, these tips will help to make life a bit easier for you and your dog. And if you need help with the care of your pet, be sure to reach out and see what our professional pet sitters are all about!