With shelter-in-place orders implemented in response to the COVID pandemic, many families are now spending most of their time at home. And while our pets are probably ecstatic to have us around all the time, many owners are realizing that now we have to find ways to keep our pets (and ourselves) entertained at home. Of course, going for walks is still encouraged (at a safe distance from others, of course). However, here are a few of our recommended indoor activities for your dog as well.

Treat-Oriented Games

This is a great activity that will help encourage your pup to use their nose. For one game, hide small bits of a treat around your living room and tell your dog to ‘find the treat.’ If needed, give them a bit of guidance and of course, praise them when they are successful. For another game, place three cups in front of your dog and have them guess which one has the treat hidden underneath it. Treat-dispensing toys and/or puzzles are also a way for your dog to use their brain to get those yummy treats. 

Back To Basics

Review all the basics of obedience school. When walking, make sure they stay by your side. Try teaching them to speed up and/or slow down. Go over commands such as ‘leave it’ or ‘stay.’ Train them to go to a specific ‘place’ when someone comes to the door. Going over these basic exercises will not only refresh your dog’s memory, it will stimulate them both physically and mentally while also strengthening your bond with them. 

Teach Them New Tricks

Of course, you can also teach your dog new tricks, with treats being their incentive. But why not take these commands to a new level? Use the ‘drop it’  command to teach your pup how to put all their toys away? Have them drop their toy while a box or basket is right underneath their mouth. Then, slowly move the container further away until they are able to take the toy to it and drop it into the bin. Or, teach them the name of each toy and have them fetch them one by one based on their name. 

At-Home Obstacle Courses

There are some great ways to build your own at-home obstacle course for your dog. You can place a pillow on the ground and have them go to ‘place.’ You can also have them weave around chairs while following a treat in your hand. If you have a play tunnel your children use, you can utilize it for your pup too. And short boxes are great for dogs to jump over! 

Passive Indoor Activities For Your Dog

Want a nice, low-maintenance option that will keep your dog occupied? A kong filled with frozen peanut butter is a great way to provide your dog with delicious entertainment. Similarly, an antler or raw bone is also a way to give their jaws a nice workout while helping them get rid of some of their energy. 

Play Hide and Seek

This is a great interactive game for both you and your pet! Dogs love trying to find their owners. It helps them keep their eyes, ears, and noses sharp and it’s hilarious when they finally find you. 

These are just a few indoor activities for your dog to help keep them physically and mentally stimulated. And remember, if you do decide to go out walking with your pup, be sure to maintain a safe distance from others. Need help with those daily walks? Our team of professional dog walkers will make sure your dog is getting the exercise they need while also keeping them safe. Reach out today to learn more!