As summer approaches, many of us are continuing to stay at home with their pets. However, at the temperatures rise this upcoming season, we’re looking for fun ways to stay cool with our pets. Here are our top recommendations for summer water activities for your dog! 

Kiddie Pools

Kiddie swimming pools are one of the best ways to keep your dog cool while they’re having fun. Fill the pool 1/3-1/2 full and throw in floating, water-safe toys for your pup to play with. Or better yet, toss in some ice cubes or baby carrots for them to try and bob for. Of course, be sure to supervise them closely as they play in the pool.

Water Obstacle Courses: Perfect Summer Water Activities For Your Dog

Have a high-energy pup? Create a DIY obstacle course for them that includes a sprinkler as well! Tunnels, weaving poles, and even low hurdles can be made into a splash course with the addition of water. You can even add the kiddie pool mentioned earlier as part of the course! Want to save yourself the hassle of having to create a puppy water park from scratch? You can find a number of water obstacle course pieces that will keep your dog cool as they run and play. 

Snack and Stay Cool

A great low-key way to keep your dog occupied is to give them a delicious treat. Keep it cool this summer by offering them a frozen kong or raw bone to enjoy as you both relax on the porch. In fact, go one step further and grab them a cooling mat to lay on. These mats cool with pressure, so as your dog lays on them, they can keep from getting hot. Another option is to buy them an elevated outdoor bed, which allows air to circulate underneath them, thus keeping them cool. 

Fun In The Shade

Another option for your pup is to have a stimulating digging treasure hunt! Take that same kiddie pool, pull it in the shade, and fill it with sand. Hide some durable and washable toys (or ones that you don’t mind tossing after they get dirty) in the sand and let your pup have at it! Of course, have cool water accessible at all times and monitor your pup closely as they dig.

 Keep It Simple With Sprinklers And Buckets

Even if you don’t create a doggie obstacle course, you can still let your pup enjoy the sprinkler. Or if you want to participate in some of the fun, handle the hose yourself and have your dog chase the stream of water. Want to try the bobbing for treats option mentioned earlier but don’t have a kiddie pool? A large bucket can work just as well! Just be sure that the height of the bucket is appropriate for your pup. 

Post-Play Bath Time Outside

Is your pup dirty from all that outdoor play? Seize an opportunity and let them cool off with an outdoor bath! Afterward, they can enjoy a lazy sunbath on the deck as they dry off while you relax nearby. 

These are just a few examples of summer water activities for your dog to try this summer. Remember to be safe for any activity and have fun with your pup this season!