There’s certainly no shortage of dog toys on the market. From squeaky toys and ropes to bones and puzzle treat dispensers, you can find pretty much anything for almost any pup out there. However, there are some fan favorites out there among our team, so here are our top 3 picks for the best dog toy for your furry family member. 

The Kong: A True Lifesaver

When it comes to tried and true choices for your pup, the kong is a winner for sure! This rubber toy gets two birds with one stone, with a hollowed-out center that can hold fillers such as peanut butter or pumpkin. This makes it an excellent option for pet parents that are crate training. It’s also great for those times you have to leave your pup at home for extended periods. Kong even makes its own line of treat fillings that come in flavors such as cheese and bacon! Additionally, they offer various types of rubber to accommodate the chewing needs of different dogs. From puppies to those hard-chewing pups, you can select a Kong that suits them. You can even boost the longevity of this treat-dispensing toy by freezing the contents inside the night before for an even longer-lasting pupsicle! 

The Elk Antler: Chew On This

While not a toy in the traditional sense, antlers offer the same benefit and stimulation as a good chew toy. Additionally, they provided the added advantage of keeping your pup’s teeth clean as they chew. With this all-natural option, be sure you’re selecting quality pieces, as many stores will sell low-grade products. Aim for a rating of A or higher and keep in mind the size and temperament of your dog when shopping around. Are they toy-sized or do they weigh more than you? When deciding on the size of an antler, your pup should be able to just barely get their back teeth around the bone. You want them to scrape their teeth along the side of the bone, not bite down on it. And do they tend to be aggressive chewers? If so, be cautious, as this toy is usually best for low to moderate chewers.

There are several options for antler types as well. Deer antlers are an extremely hard bone and could potentially pose a risk of cracking your dog’s teeth. Instead, grab an elk antler, as the bone is softer and better to chew on. Properly selected, antlers make an excellent chew ‘toy’ for your pup.

Interactive Puzzles: The Best Dog Toy To Keep Your Pup’s Brain Working!

Similar to the Kong, interactive dog toys and puzzles are an excellent way to keep your pup mentally stimulated. They come in a wide range of styles that allow pet parents to place small treats or kibble inside as a reward for their pups. Some are weighted balls that have interior mazes for the dog to figure out. Others incorporate buttons or sliding compartments that reveal the treat inside when opened correctly. While these interactive toys are a fun and engaging option for your pet, be sure to choose one that has the appropriate difficulty level so they don’t get frustrated. And, of course, ensure proper supervision of these puzzles, as your pup shouldn’t be left unattended with them. 

While these are some of our top choices for the best dog toy, you can’t deny the benefit of good ol’ fashion exercise! And our team of professional pet sitters and dog walkers is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our pet care services!