With spring fully upon us, it’s time to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities with our dogs. However, the change in seasons can bring its own set of challenges for your pet. So, here are our top picks for warm weather essentials for your dog. 

Povidone Iodine 

This broad-spectrum antiseptic is a must-have when it comes to your doggie supply closet. Not only does it clean scratches, scrapes, and cuts, it also helps to relieve itchiness. Plus, it’s nontoxic for your dogs, so you won’t have to worry if they lick it. Keep a spray bottle with a diluted iodine solution on hand for bug bites, allergic reactions, hot spots, cleaning between folds of skin, etc. And if your pup has itchy paws? You can soak their paws for up to 5 minutes with it to help relieve their discomfort. Then, dry them off, no need to rinse. To make an iodine solution, simply add drops to water until it turns the color of iced tea. 

Remedies For Stomach Trouble

These items are actually useful year-round! Did your dog eat something they weren’t supposed to? Give them a capful of hydrogen peroxide to make them immediately vomit. Does your pup have diarrhea or constipation? Give them a tablespoon of pureed pumpkin to help soothe their upset stomach and help with their bowel movements. 

Skin-Soothing Ointments

While antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin can help with cuts and scrapes, they can be toxic if ingested by your pets. Instead, look for dog-friendly skin ointments that contain ingredients such as almond or coconut oil as their base. Soothing ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and vitamin E will help to soothe and treat a number of skin issues.  In hot weather, be sure to keep nontoxic ointment and/or sunscreen for your dog’s nose, as it can get dry and sunburned. 

Paw Protection

When the temperature rises, so does the ground you and your dog walk on. Be sure to first test any concrete or asphalt with your hand before letting your dog walk on it. If it’s too hot for you to place your hand on, then its too hot for their paw pads as well. Try out paw protecting boots or socks for your pup. There are also a number of protective salves that you can apply directly to their paw pads to protect them as the walk. And your dog’s claws need care too! Keep them trimmed in preparation for those outdoor excursions! Keep some styptic powder on hand as well, as you can use it to stop any bleeding if they tear their claw. If you’re in a bind, cornstarch is a good substitution! 

Warm Weather Essentials For Your Dog: Walking Gear

As the warm weather continues, we’re sure you’ll be taking your dog on more walks. Remember to keep a supply of poop bags reading available so you can pick up after your pets. And this time of year, hydration is key! Attach a travel-sized pop-up water bowl for your dog and have a bottle of water on hand. And if you need a helping hand with those daily dog walks, our team of professional pet sitters is ready to assist! Reach out today to schedule your one-on-one consultation!