Crystal Tysz, secret camper, dog trainer

Crystal Tysz comes to Stayin’ Home Pet Care by way of Magnolia, TX.  She first arrived in Austin in 1995 to attend the University of Texas and has made it her home ever since.  Over her years in Austin, Crystal has developed a fondness for some of the city’s well-known hangouts such as Red’s Porch, Opal Divines’s and the Alamo Drafthouse.  Significantly less well known is Crystal’s favorite spot to hike or camp, as she remains tight-lipped regarding its whereabouts to preserve the secrecy that makes it so special to her. Crystal has grown up around animals and even trained a few of them.  The first animal that she attempted to train was her Australian Shepherd, Bear.  She claims that Bear actually helped ease her into the training process because he was so bright that he seemed to know exactly what she wanted even when she was not sure how to convey it to him. Just as Bear helped to make the training process stress-free for Crystal, she tries to provide the same comfort to the pets, and their owners, that she cares for.

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You may know Crystal…
  • Claims a Mazda Miata as her dream car
  • Can be found in San Antonio at the zoo or on the Riverwalk on a day off
  • Is actively studying and working towards being a dog trainer
If stranded on a desert island, Crystal would listen to...
  • Adele - 21
  • Old Crow Medicine Show - Big Iron World
  • Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
  • The Black Keys - Brothers
  • Pearl Jam - Ten

In her own words, “I understand how hard it is to leave your pets alone, so giving people peace of mind while they are gone is very important to me. Recently, I took care of an older greyhound who was being picked on by the other dog & she didn’t want to move from her bed. By the end of the vacation, she was walking around the house & snuggling with me.” « Return to our team.

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