How Do I Choose the Right Pet Sitter?

Posted by Stayin’ Home Pet Care on December 03, 2014 :: Filed in

If you’re planning on being out of town this holiday season and you don’t have a pet sitter lined up, you’re probably busy trying to find one! You have lots of options, so how do you choose? How do you know you’re getting the perfect fit for your pet?

First, determine the level of service you need for your pet. Every animal has different needs. Does your pet just need a walk, playtime, and food? Or does she have special needs that require more attention and care? Knowing your needs from the outset will make it easier to select the right pet sitter for you.

On of the best ways you can evaluate a quality pet sitter is by ensuring you check for references. Testimonials on a website are a great place to start. You can also ask for a reference list of previous or current clients. Verifying their references not only helps ensure that they’re qualified professionals, and also allows you to get a better sense of what the pet sitting experience will actually be like.

It’s also important to verify that a potential pet sitter or pet sitting company is insured and bonded. Accidents do happen! Can they provide documentation and prove they’re protected? It’s also important to ensure the pet sitter knows how to handle emergencies and has a plan in place in case anything comes up.

Check the terms of your contract. Then check them again. And again. Be sure that all agreed-upon services have been included. If a prospective pet sitter doesn’t use contracts and/or is resistant to signing one, that’s a huge red flag. A contract protects all parties involved, so signing one is essential!

Finally, while the holidays always leave people pressed for time, it’s important to give a prospective pet sitter a chance to meet your pet. Giving them a chance to interact with your pet allows you to see how well they get along, and make sure your dog or cat approves of the person who will be taking care of them!

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