A clean home is essential to the health of you, your family, and of course, your pet! As it turns out, some of the products we use to keep our homes clean aren’t so healthy for the animals who live with us. You already take care to keep chemicals out of reach so your pet can’t eat or drink them, but many common household cleaners contain chemicals that linger in the air when they’re used. When dogs and cats breathe them in, they can cause problems over time.

While there’s also some concern about how cleaning chemicals affect human health, the fact is that we have bigger lungs and slower metabolisms than most dogs and cats. This means our bodies are less likely to be affected when we breathe them in. Smaller animals are not so lucky. With canine cancer on the rise (currently 1 in 4 dogs will die of cancer), and several household chemicals being linked to various types of cancers, you might want to consider changing the products you use.

The easiest thing to do is buy organic cleaning products. (Be sure to check the label, because some companies get away with labeling things organic when they’re not.) If this is out of your budget, there are lots of recipes and tutorials online for making your own safe and effective supplies.

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