Additional Services

Poo Pick Up $15

No time to pick up the poo in your yard? Your yard will be free of poo when you return home. We can clean your backyard once or twice a week…or more! This rate is for up to 3 dogs & 1 acre of property.

Water Plants (Porch & Patio) $8

Watering up to 5 houseplants is included in your pet care service fee. If you need extra watering in addition to the indoor houseplants, this service covers extra indoor plants & some on the front porch and/or back patio.

Water Plants (Lawn & Garden) $15

If you need plant watering beyond the indoor houseplants. This service covers an extensive area of your yard or a garden. If you have an abundance of patio and indoor plants as well, this will be the service for you.

Home Check & Mail Collection $18

If you are traveling for an extended period of time, your pets will not be at home, & all you need is basic home check plus mail gathering.

Toy Washing & Sanitizing $20

Hard chew toys are soaked in a solution of 50% hot water & 50% vinegar. They are then scrubbed to remove any stubborn debris.

Litter Box Cleaning & Saitizing $20 each box.

We will empty the dirty litter & deposit it into your outdoor trash bin. The litter box is then scrubbed, sanitized & refilled per your instructions.

Vacuum Service $25

Isn’t it nice to return home to a just vacuumed house? Have your sitter vacuum it for you. The fee is for a home of up to 3,000 sf. This DOES NOT include vacuuming stairs. If your home is larger and you would like it vacuumed, we can provide you with a quote.

“The stars say it all. Karla and her team truly love your animals and go the extra mile in terms of accountability and communication.”

Chris Corbett, Austin

Stayin’ Home Pet Care

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