Rita Ramirez Terrell

Rita Ramirez Terrell is a native Texan who was raised in Fort Worth and decided to uproot and move to Austin in July 2010 to attend the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Prior to making her move to Austin, Rita owned her own pet sitting business for three years where she perfected her techiniques working with a variety of pets. Rita’s love of pets first took root when she was in first grade and was given the responsibility of caring for the class hamster and it has only gotten stronger since. She has had a wide variety of pets throughout her life including cats, dogs, gerbils, turtles, fish and rabbits. At one point Rita had a cat named Fancy who actually got listed in the phone book as “F. Robinson”! She had another tabby cat who she named Chaka, after the popular singer Chaka Khan, only to later find out that little Chaka was a boy.

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A few of Rita's favorite songs are...
  • Michael Jacksons
  • Norman Greenbaum's
  • Duran Duran's
  • Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"
Ask Rita her dream car and she'll tell you...
  • The 2014 Scion xD

Outside of the pet world, Rita is an Integrative Medicine enthusiast who believes in the combination of both eastern and western medicines to customize healthcare. She is deeply invested in her family, both immediate and extended, and attributes her pathway to adventures, new experiences and career opportunities to a throrough education. « Return to our team.

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