Winter is now in our rearview mirror and we’re preparing to warmly welcome spring. The upcoming weekends are sure to be filled with home improvement projects, tending to the garden and ice tea breaks on the back patio. As you all know, the best part of all this springtime activity is being able to share it with our pets. They’re surely even more eager to spend more time outside than we are after a long winter. To ensure that you and your pets all enjoy the fresh air and blooming flowers this spring there are a few hazards to keep an eye out for.
• Allergies: Pollen, weed and other allergies can affect our pets just as they do us. Pets will usually respond with itchy ears, noses and paws. If your pet is affected consult your veterinarian.
• Household Chores: Spring-cleaning is a necessary task, but many of the chemical cleaners and tools that we use can pose a risk to our pets if they’re not properly monitored around our work areas.
• The Garden: Just as we learned when decorating for Christmas, there are many plants and flowers that can be poisonous to our pets. This time of year the usual suspects are azaleas, lilies and rhododendrons. Many others can also be dangerous because of pesticides and fertilizers used to grow them.
• Insects: This time of year it is very important to keep a close look out for fleas and ticks on our pets. Your vet can recommend good preventative treatments.
• Wandering Off: While spending all this time outside, be sure that if your pet was to wander away from you to explore the neighborhood that they be properly tagged or micro chipped so they can be safely identified and returned.

Have a fun and safe start to your Spring season!